CHALCHALEY NGO, is Public Charitable Trust, registered under the Govt. of NCT of Delhi, registration number- 2171, under Art. 64 of Indian Trust Act-1882 on 13th November, 2015.
Chal Chaley is the result of a strong belief that for the change of society two things are must education and skill. We believe that every individual plays a vital role in qualitative development of a country, diverting positively the energy and knowledge of youth and people who plays a key role in the development of society is the only solution of full utilization. Chal Chaley provides qualitative access not only for education, but also values and dedication towards the society, thus helping to build a strong future for every individual and thus the country.

Renovating the world to a place where every individual have right to education, dignity, self respect, protection.

Providing opportunity to underprivileged children to get education and explore their full potential, empowering youths through vocational training to enhance their skill, helping in understanding rights of socially deprived, providing extension education for farmers.

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